Holly Yager is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Canadian Certified Counsellor in Vancouver BC with a specialized focus on reproductive health and fertility. Holly created Well Woman Counselling in 2007 to offer specialized care for women's reproductive mental health concerns. Holly welcomes diversity and regularly sees individuals and couples, all genders and relationship types, single and partnered.

Holly Yager is dedicated to helping you live your life as fully as possible, as you navigate the challenges related to fertility, reproductive & sexual health, family-building, and pregnancy.

Live. Love. Learn. Grow.

  • Free yourself from the fears that hold you back from living fully
  • Manage the negative or critical thoughts that keep you stuck
  • Get out from under the weight of excessive worrying
  • Build solid, happy, and fulfilling relationships
  • Be more accepting of yourself and others
  • Assert yourself in positive, healthy ways
  • Find hope and optimism during difficult times
  • Gain clarity and motivation to achieve your goals

What's offered:

  • Professional, evidence-based psychotherapy and support
  • Holly Yager is both registered and certified as a counsellor/therapist
  • Online booking
  • Evening and daytime appointments
  • Convenient location on W Broadway corridor near the Skytrain
  • Some sessions can be offered by Videoconference/Zoom
  • Payment by credit card or e-transfer
  • Fees reimbursable by most extended health benefits plans
  • A supportive, non-judging environment committed to diversity and equality 

Take a tour of the office: