Crisis & Suicide Prevention

  • Crisis Centre -- for 24 hour assistance with an immediate crisis, by email or phone at 604.872.3311

Depression & Anxiety

Grief & Loss

Fertility & Infertility

Fertility Clinics in BC:

Infertility Support:

Professional Fertility Societies/Organizations:

Third-Party Reproduction:

Third-Party Reproduction/Fertility Lawyers in Vancouver:

Marriage & Relationships:

  • Healing Pod -- An online resource for women going through breakup or divorce where you can connect, share,and heal.
  • The Five Love Languages -- Effective communication in relationships by reknowned marriage therapist Gary Chapman
  • -- Emotion-focused couples therapist Sue Johnson's website with information on her book "Hold Me Tight"

Pelvic Pain:

Pregnancy & Postpartum:

Pregnancy Loss

Miscarriage & Stillbirth:

Abortion Clinics in Vancouver, BC:

Genetics Terminations/Late-Term Terminations/Abortion Resources:

Pregnancy Decision-Making (pro-choice)


  • Acubalance Wellness Centre -- BC's first Reproductive Chinese Medicine Clinic specializing in natural care for infertility, pregnancy, women’s health, and menopause
  • Boda Health -- Specializing in acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, naturopathic medicine, osteopathy, and massage therapy
  • Dayan Physiotherapy -- Pelvic floor physiotherapy for pregnancy, postpartum, and pelvic pain; Owned by Marcy Dayan
  • Dr. Alana Shaw -- Evidence-based natural medicine for women's health, hormone balancing, fertility, pregnancy, and pelvic pain in Vancouver, BC
  • Susannah Britnell -- Pelvic floor physiotherapist 
  • The Movement Studio-- Offering Clinical Pilates for posture, movement, and pelvic pain; Owned by Karen Weggler
  • Yinstill Reproductive Wellness --  Specializing in natural integrated care for infertility, IVF support, PCOS, recurrent miscarriage, pelvic pain, pregnancy care, and stress